Minkyu Kim robot HSR

Office: WRW 208, UT Austin

EMail: steveminq@gmail.com

I am a graduate student (Ph.D.) in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Texas at Austin. I am working at UT Human-Centered Robotics Lab (HCRL) with Professor Luis Sentis.  


My research interests are Motion planning framework under uncertainty, cognitive decision-making framework, human-aware motion planning, a machine learning from human skills, teleoperation, and rehabilitation robotics.


My short-term goal of the research is to construct a cognitive control framework for mobile manipulator robot. An awareness based navigation, teaching socially-acceptable navigation, and a person following are most recent research topics.


Minyu Kim Robocp@Home 2017 Nagoya, Japan
Minkyu Kim Steven Trikey
Minkyu Kim Team Austin villa Robocup@home
Robocup@Home qualification video