With the primary objective of human-robot interaction being to support humans' goals, there exists a need to formally synthesize robot controllers that can indeed provide the desired service. Synt...

When performing visual servoing or object tracking tasks with a mobile manipulator, active sensor planning is essential to keep targets in sight or to relocate them when missing or occluded from o...

This work addresses a framework for person-following robots using active search. The proposed system is applied to the Toyota Human Support Robot to general person-following policies by learning f...

Confidence based Autonomy : Teaching social acceptable navigation for Toyota HSR

HSR is trying to open the door at WRW 208 ( Human-Centered Robotics Lab). HSR did it!

POMDP-based awareness based navigation planning. The assumption is that robot should be able to go closer to the person who is aware of robot and should avoid or go around people who are not aware...

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November 7, 2017

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[HSR] Person Following Robot with Active Target Search

October 12, 2018

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